I am a chocoholic


My name is Lisa and I am a chocoholic.  I have been chocolate free for fifteen days.

I eat chocolate when I’m angry, when I’m sad, if I’m lonely, if something really good happens or if something equally bad happens… you get the picture.  Whatever my emotion if there is chocolate near by and I’m even vaguely peckish, and sometimes even if I’m already stuffed I’ll be eating it, I don’t even notice I’m doing it most of the time.

A quick search for “chocoholics” on google and it would appear I’m not alone, but that doesn’t make it ok!  My “need” for chocolate is most certainly unhealthy, I noticed that the volunteer I work with goes for a cigarette hourly, I then came to the realisation that I think about or reach for a snack of some sort, usually chocolate shaped almost as often if not more so!  Now I know that smoking and chocolate are very different demons, but my dependency on the “hit” I get from chocolate to get me through the day was worrying me and more to the point it is definitely another thing I can do without!

The cold turkey ban came about when my partner turned to me on the morning of 30th April and said, “I’ve think that we should both give up chocolate and crisps for a month, starting on 1st May”.  I went into cold sweats and wondered just how much chocolate I could pack into one day!  He had good reasons, he eats crisps most days at work, I eat chocolate most days all day, by rights we should both be the size of houses, thankfully we’re not, but there are plenty of reasons why chocolate should be avoided. (I’ll get a real life nutritionist, AKA my mum to go into this on another day)

So here I am half way through the month, and the report is that I maybe haven’t missed it as much as I thought I would, but I have replaced the snacking part with nuts and dried fruit, and of course my faithful delightful date bites!  I’m also wondering if I can attribute avoiding my usual chocolate binge to not really suffering any form of PMT this month too??  I must admit I have found the last couple of days hard, and I nearly failed on a couple of occasions – especially when offered a free handmade chocolate sample at the farmers market.  I guess a lot of what I’ll be talking about on here will be my ways of coping and the alternatives I find to my usually unhealthy choices!

So for now, if you see me over the next two weeks then I apologise in advance if I’m slightly short tempered in moments of stress, I apologise more so if you meet me in June and Anthony (aforementioned partner) has decided that as we did so well in May we should continue it for another month!  Not that I’m under the thumb at all, I just agree that he’s right and I’m hoping to see a difference on the scales too!  I’ll give you an update of how I get on, and probably some more recipes I made instead of brownies over the next few weeks.


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