Menu Planning W/C 01.06.2015

We’ve just sat and planned this weeks meals whilst eating tonight’s dinner, we had a really busy weekend and there just wasn’t time before.  I also found out today that an event I hoped would be running tomorrow evening is being postponed (possibly a good thing with the predicted horrible weather!) so I needed an extra meal for this week!

We had our first ever Ocado order delivered last week, had to order £80 worth of shopping to qualify for the £20 discount from the referral my Dad had given us – I don’t think Anthony realises that it was all because I wanted some Buckwheat flour and it was only £2.60 from Ocado compared to over £5 from Amazon!  I am very impressed however, the vegetable and fruit quality is of a very high standard, now just need to make sure we can afford it all the time!

On to this weeks menu!

Monday – Tuna Chilli with cauliflower rice (made in my new food processor – more on that soon!)
Tuesday – Chicken and Rhubarb Curry with rice
Wednesday – Sea Bass, potato rosti, pan fried courgette and a sauce to be confirmed! (more use of the processor!)
Thursday – Bolognaise Sauce (from the freezer) and gluten free pasta
Friday – Fish Fingers, potato wedges, sweetcorn and peas (we’ve got Anthony’s daughter staying!)
Saturday – Pizza, base made with buckwheat flour
Sunday – Salmon and sweet potato wedges

Busy busy week ahead, lots of exciting stuff going on which I will keep you updated on!


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