About me

FoodPlacesThings Lisa-12Food has always been a huge part of my life, whether I’m eating it, looking at it, making it, talking about it, I rarely go five minutes without thinking about it (probably less but that makes me sound bad!)

I’m always searching to find new things to make, but I’m also becoming more and more aware of the fact that I truly am what I eat. I was brought up on what some might call a relatively strict diet, my mum is a nutritionist and a large proportion of my family are lactose intolerant. I showed signs of being the same from birth when I was given formula by nurses in the maternity ward and suffered horrible eczema!

However, 18 years of not having dairy meant that when I left home for uni I went a bit crazy – queue piling on well over 20lbs despite the fact I was doing a very physically strenuous dance and drama course! I returned home for the summer and with mum’s coaxing the weight fell off and I remained a steady 120lbs until I left home a few years later.

This pattern repeated each time I returned home, I’d return to a happy weight, then I’d move out and find myself piling on the pounds! So, here’s where it stops, this last year in particular has been worse than ever, I’ve suffered horribly with my asthma and I’ve gone up to a rather unpleasant 160lbs as I’ve completely gone away from my mums teachings and discovered a love of cheese!