Gluten Free for me

Gluten Free Me Blog

Over the last five years I’ve played with the idea of giving up gluten altogether, but the odd prawn sandwich would always tempt me….and bacon sandwiches, hmmmmmm.  Most of the time I can eat a sandwich or something containing wheat/gluten and not feel at all bad, other times I’m left feeling bloated, tired and generally just bleurgh.

When I complained (yet again) about my dry skin a couple of weeks ago, my mum (who is a nutritionist) suggested that I give up gluten AND dairy.  Both are very difficult for the body to digest and can cause an allergic reaction, I’ve had problems with this on and off all my life.  My first thought was of all the things I’d miss, the first one being cake, then things like home-made pizza or lasagne…the list goes on! However, there are now a multitude of alternatives on sale and it actually gives me plenty of opportunity to experiment with gluten free flour.

Food Blog Date Bliss Ball-12

I’ve started a “Gluten Free” pinterest board and basically banned myself from any baking for the time being. I will however be experimenting with gluten free and some vegan recipes…more blogs about this to follow, starting with Date Bliss Balls which are well bliss!

I’ve not fully given up yet, it’s going to be something I need to gradually adapt to over the next few weeks, going cold turkey just wasn’t an option, as I’m cutting out dairy too and we have stuff in the house that I certainly can’t throw away and I’m also loath to let my partner Anthony eat it alone! Ha ha! It’s also lot more effort to make gluten free naan bread than it is to buy some normal ones in a supermarket on the way home from work so its something we’re going to plan for.

Changing my diet is definitely the way forward for improving my skin and I’ve no doubt that my mum is right, she’s pretty much always is, this blog is mainly for me to experiment and share with people my findings as I explore a new area of cooking and baking.