Menu Planning w/c 15.06.2015

After sun dancing all week in the hopes of a dry hot day today so we could make the most of our first day off together in ages with nothing to do, I find my sun dance worked for yesterday but today the rain is being incredibly insistent!!  So I find myself being vaguely organised with the time to plan the weeks food ahead of time and write about it too!

I’ve just made my first ever batch of buckwheat gallettes (pancakes) for lunch and despite having slight issues in getting the pour right on the first one I feel like I did quite well and might even manage to justify buying a little crepe machine at some point, eeek!  Anyway, we’ll be using the remainder of the mix for tomorrows tea so I’m excited about that already!!  If I can get good at it there might be a video of it in a couple of months!

Monday – Buckwheat pancakes with savoury filling
Tuesday – Roast veg with garlic chicken
Wednesday – Butternut squash stuffed with feta and chorizo (we’ve had the squash for ages hence the crossing out, I hope its ok on the inside!)
Thursday – Lisa @ Golf Day dinner, Anthony to feed himself!
Friday – Sausages (gluten free black farmers!) and beans with cauliflower and leek mash
Saturday – Fish fingers, wedges, sweetcorn and peas (we have Anthony’s daughter visiting, she’s two, we know she eats this!)
Sunday – Jacket potato, beans and salad

We used to sit and plan the weeks menu together but I’ve now taken to just getting on with it as otherwise my blog wouldn’t be coming out until Wednesday and I’d get all stressed!  Funny how having control of something as small as knowing what I’m eating makes me feel a bit calmer and more in control.

I’m going to sew some knickers now before making dinner, the first sewing I’ve done just for me in a while, more on that soon!


Menu Planning W/C 01.06.2015

We’ve just sat and planned this weeks meals whilst eating tonight’s dinner, we had a really busy weekend and there just wasn’t time before.  I also found out today that an event I hoped would be running tomorrow evening is being postponed (possibly a good thing with the predicted horrible weather!) so I needed an extra meal for this week!

We had our first ever Ocado order delivered last week, had to order £80 worth of shopping to qualify for the £20 discount from the referral my Dad had given us – I don’t think Anthony realises that it was all because I wanted some Buckwheat flour and it was only £2.60 from Ocado compared to over £5 from Amazon!  I am very impressed however, the vegetable and fruit quality is of a very high standard, now just need to make sure we can afford it all the time!

On to this weeks menu!

Monday – Tuna Chilli with cauliflower rice (made in my new food processor – more on that soon!)
Tuesday – Chicken and Rhubarb Curry with rice
Wednesday – Sea Bass, potato rosti, pan fried courgette and a sauce to be confirmed! (more use of the processor!)
Thursday – Bolognaise Sauce (from the freezer) and gluten free pasta
Friday – Fish Fingers, potato wedges, sweetcorn and peas (we’ve got Anthony’s daughter staying!)
Saturday – Pizza, base made with buckwheat flour
Sunday – Salmon and sweet potato wedges

Busy busy week ahead, lots of exciting stuff going on which I will keep you updated on!

Menu Planning w/c 25.05.2015

Menu PlanningI like to be organised, whether this liking being organised means it actually happens is a whole other thing altogether.  However, one thing I love to do is plan what I’ll be eating for the following week, knowing what I’m cooking in the evening means I can just arrive home and get on with it rather than having to search through the cupboards and find that I don’t have anything that will actually make a meal.

Anthony bought me a cute little “menu planner” for Christmas and we started using it when we moved in together, we started off very well, doing an on-line order based on what we were going to eat and its worked really well.  However, we’ve had a really busy few weeks and the planning has kinda gone out of the window, I’m determined to reel it back in so here it goes for this week!

Monday – Pork in lemon sauce with veg and rice and griddled courgette
Tuesday – Sweet potato rosti, kale and poached egg
Wednesday – Sea Bass with ginger, chilli and spring onions
Thursday – Sausage Casserole with cauliflower and leek mash, (veg option as mum is coming for the afternoon)
Friday – Steak and Wedges (I won a £50 M&S voucher recently so my treat!)
Saturday – Stir Fry
Sunday – Out

Hmmm I think I’m quite looking forward to this weeks food!