Menu Planning w/c 25.05.2015

Menu PlanningI like to be organised, whether this liking being organised means it actually happens is a whole other thing altogether.  However, one thing I love to do is plan what I’ll be eating for the following week, knowing what I’m cooking in the evening means I can just arrive home and get on with it rather than having to search through the cupboards and find that I don’t have anything that will actually make a meal.

Anthony bought me a cute little “menu planner” for Christmas and we started using it when we moved in together, we started off very well, doing an on-line order based on what we were going to eat and its worked really well.  However, we’ve had a really busy few weeks and the planning has kinda gone out of the window, I’m determined to reel it back in so here it goes for this week!

Monday – Pork in lemon sauce with veg and rice and griddled courgette
Tuesday – Sweet potato rosti, kale and poached egg
Wednesday – Sea Bass with ginger, chilli and spring onions
Thursday – Sausage Casserole with cauliflower and leek mash, (veg option as mum is coming for the afternoon)
Friday – Steak and Wedges (I won a £50 M&S voucher recently so my treat!)
Saturday – Stir Fry
Sunday – Out

Hmmm I think I’m quite looking forward to this weeks food!